Open-source PaaS for Java

Deploy Java Web Apps in no time

CloudUnit provides an automated and standardized platform for devs to build and run Java applications and ops to provision and orchestrate environments.

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DevOps DDay event 2017
Let's admit.
Managing applications environments is shitty.

Key concepts

CloudUnit promotes creativity and rapid delivery of Java applications. Focus on business value, it does the heavy-lifting for you.

Full Java.
CloudUnit is specialized on Java which is used by world top companies and 10 millions of devs.
Infrastructure agnostic.
CloudUnit runs on top of any IT infrastucture. Virtual Machines, bare-metal, public, private, hybrid cloud...
Use the tools you love.
Deploy new or legacy applications without changing one line of code.
CloudUnit is based on Docker which ensures your applications will work seamlessly on any environment.
Eliminates lock-in. Extend it, tweak it to fit your own needs.


Publishing a Java app is a breeze with CloudUnit.

  1. Build. Let’s create a host environment for your app

    • Add a server: Tomcat, Jboss…
    • Choose your tools: mySQL, mongoDB, postgreSQL...
    • Choose the Java version
  2. Deploy. Choose the deployment method that fits best your workflow.

    • Full git integration
    • Command-line interface
    • User-friendly web interface
  3. Manage. Manage your app configuration, detect problems and monitor resources with realtime metrics

    • Detailed metrics with CAdvisor
    • Application and server logs
    • Full access to server configuration
    • Server file explorer
  4. Clone. Take snapshots of your applications at any time

    • Create or duplicate app templates
    • Backup and restore your apps
    • Share your environments with your teammates

Going further

CloudUnit is an open-source project developped and maintained by @treeptik. Code is licenced under GNU Public Licence 3.0.

We have published several useful guides to help you get started with CloudUnit.

Log-in with the following credentials: johndoe / abc2015. The plateform is reset every night.

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